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I watched, as you came out
Walking with your head down, tears
In your heart
Wondering, always wondering.

We sang you a song, the wind and I
But you did not hear
We sing together, always
But no one hears.

I watched as you came forward
And sat down
Looking, always looking.

I danced in your eyes
But you did not see
I waved my arms and waited
As my leaves rustled about you.

It was not until you fell
And looked up
That you saw me, heard me
And recognized me.

I am the SunDancer
My leaves, rustling in the wind
Are my songs
The sun and the moon
My eyes.

It was not until you
Found me and
Acknowledged me
That you gave me life.

I am the Sundancer
I dance in the sun.

-© Copyright Wayne Scott of Swan Lake First Nation Reserve of Manitoba Canada

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