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Of Creator I am
One with all that is
A tear on a journey earthward
Born of a Cloud Peoples pain

I feel Earth Mothers agony
Her keepers are walking away
Questing for gold
Ignoring a trust

I am the tear
Forming pools
Streams and rivers
Filling oceans

I honor Earth Mother
Cleansing her face
Refreshing her spirit
Nourishing her children

From cheek to pool
Stream to river
Ocean to Clouds
I am often mixed

My purity may change
Yet my purpose does not
I am Water
Seeker of balance and harmony

Sustainer of life
I give to all
My quantum seldom pure
Holding judgment over none

Because I am often mixed
Will you say I am not Water?
Is the tear falling
Less than morning's dew?

Has Creator declared this?
Or is it you?
Purity does not create our path
It is defined by ones spirit

I am Water
I quench your thirst in life
I care nothing of your quantum
I am not your judge

Yet will you judge me?
And declare me less than?
Are you above the lesser quantum?
Do you bind as secret, Earth Ways given to heal?

If so,
White Cracker has trained you well
Does his number make you greater?
Or his card give you special medicine?

I am Water
Seldom pure
Open to sharing Earth Healing
Even giving to you

I am of Creator
I know who I am
I am assigned no number
I carry no white man's card

My ancestors were here before you
And the Cloud People before them
Are not our Rock People the First Peoples,
Born of a Great Mystery's energy?

I am Water
Mixed or pure
I am still your brother
I am still your sister

Will your quantum seclude you
From your own family less pure?
They too are your brothers
And your sisters as well

Grandfather Sun does not hide his healing ways
Not from you
Nor from me
Or from any of our relations

Is not the goodness of spirit a molding power?
Creating those who will care for Earth Mother?
Shall any hide secrets that could heal her?
And watch her die as they remain smug?

The hatreds spread by a White Cloud
Were not limited to full quantum
Many felt this pain
Not just you

I am Water
Born of Creator
Mixed or pure
My path is one of honor

You are you
Born of Creator
But who are you?
And what have you become?

© 3 Hawks (Oklahoma Tsalagi)

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