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Inuit Gods


Good spirit that lived under the ice and helped with hunting and fishing.


Evil god of the sea that ould hurt boating by biting them.


Mother goddess of childbirth.


Gatherer of the dead. Anguta carries the dead down to the underworld, where they must sleep with him for a year.


The moon, brother to the sun whom Moon chases across the sky. Aningan has a great igloo in the sky where he rests. Irdlirvirissong, his demon cousin, lives there as well. The moon is a great hunter, and his sledge is always piled high with seal skins and meat.


God that lived in the sea, whose movements created the waves.


God that lived on land and controlled the movements of the whales.

Ek Chua

God of merchants and cacao growers. Black faced with a huge nose.


The demon cousin of the moon. Sometimes Irdlirvirissong comes out into the sky to dance and clown and make the people laugh. But if anyone is nearby, the people must restrain themselves or the demon clown will dry them up and eat their intestines.


Evil Earth spirit with the appearance of a dog.


Goddess of the sea and the creatures of the sea. A one-eyed giant. A frightfull old hag, but she was young and beautiful when her father threw her in the sea as a sacrifice. A sorcerer wishing to visit Sedna must pass through the realms of death and then cross an abyss where a wheel of ice spins eternally and a cauldron of seal meat stews endlessly. To return he must cross another abyss on a bridge as narrow as a knife edge.


A beautiful young maiden carrying a torch who is chased through the sky by her brother Aningan, the moon. The planet Jupiter is the mother of the sun and very dangerous to magicians. If they are careless, she will devour their livers.


God of the Earth that was the most powerful and owned all of the deer.


The earth god, master of hunting to whom all deer belong.


Old woman deity that was able to walk on water.


The good spirit, representing everything in nature good and helpful to man.

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