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by Thunder Wolf (Keith Larocque)

When the eagle lands on the turtle this is when your life begins. For until they get together, the shell and the feather, man is not yet complete. It only sees its wings, it never watches its feet. It never knows where it is going for it never knows where it has been.

The eagle and the turtle are now grounded. The search for life begins. The turtle never looks back because the eagle has seen where it has been. Together these two now travel on and on. The mystery of this life dissolves when the eagle lands on the turtle. This is when life begins. For the two make man who answers for its sins.

Now we all know the turtle and how it wins this race. The eagle found the perch. Now this life begins Why do you look at me like that? Don't you know that I am me, that although I appear as only one, in reality I am three.

For the eagle and the turtle together they make man. Creation sings of all this joy in every creature that is and understands. The eagle talks to the turtle and to all they understand for the eagle and the turtle together they make man.

The turtle talks to the eagle. Says I want you to understand that together we both have landed. I can't look after you and you can't look after me. Yet together we make this man. Wherever it walks, to whomever it talks, we will try to make it understand that it must be responsible for every movement of its mouth, every motion of its hand.

So when the eagle lands on the turtle this is when the man life begins. Then the creator tells the secret to man. Now this life begins. This is a big day calls man to the world.

The sunrise is called the beginning of the days of man's life - also the start of sin. The creator turns a cheek to the weakness of man's temptation - the magnitude of sin.

The creator only hopes that some day man will return to creation. For this will be for man. The day that life begins. Now man sees direction with intention for we are not just here to sin.

© Thunder Wolf (Keith Larocque)

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