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New ArticleThe Riddle of The Sphinx by Gary Chansler (Quiverdart).

Man by Thunder Wolf (Keith Larocque).

Cuthbert Grant, Métis leader 1793, July 15 1854 by Donald Montgomery.

Of Bison and Humans by Three Hawks (Oklahoma Tsalagi).

Understanding our Earth Teachers by Three Hawks (Oklahoma Tsalagi).

The 'Two-Spirit' People of Indigenous North Americans by Walter L Williams.

What is a Native American ? by Timothy A. Johns (Delaware Nation).

The Salmon Ruins by Lynne D. Escue of Coyotes Game.

"That's the way the Indians do it..." by Daniel Crowfeather of Mi'kmaq Spirit
Note to students: Article uses Canadian spellings.

Who are the Elders ? by Daniel Crowfeather of Mi'kmaq Spirit

Chaco Culture : National Historical Park by Lynne D. Escue of Coyotes Game.

Geronimo - His Story.

Black Elk Speaks by John G Neihardt.

First People of America and First People of Canada : Turtle Island