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Peter Jones - Ojibwe

The English, in general, are a noble, generous-minded people, free to act and free to think. They very much pride themselves on their civil and religious privileges; on their learning, generosity, manufacturing, and commerce; and they think that no other man is equal to them ...

No nation, I think, can be more fond of novelties than the English; they gaze upon foreigner as if they had just dropped down from the moon ...

They are truly industrious, and in general very honest and upright. But their close attention to business produces, I think, too much worldly-mindedness, and hence they forget to think enough about their souls and their God.

Their motto seems to be "Money, money, get money, get rich, and be a gentleman," With this sentiment, they fly about in every direction, like a swarm of bees, in search of treasure that lies so near to their hearts.

Peter Jones, or Kahkewaquonaby ("Sacred Waving Feathers") Ojibwe

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