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George Henry - Maungwudaus

The Americans have been very kind to us; they are not as arrogant as the English, but very persevering in all their ways.

They pay more respect to their women than the English, and they see the things that belong to others without bitterness, or regret. The working classes of the English call their rich men "Big Bugs," but the Yankees call them "Top Notches."

The Yankees put their feet upon the tables, chairs, or chimney pieces when smoking their cigars or reading their newspapers. They are not as much slaves to their civilization as the English; they like to be comfortable, something like ourselves, place one leg upon the other knee while basking ourselves in the sun.

A real comfort is better than an artificial one to the human nature.

George Henry - Maungwudaus ("Big Legging") - Ojibwe Methodist Preacher

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