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Four Guns - Oglala Sioux

Many of the white man's ways are past our understanding ... They put a great store upon writing; there is always a paper.

The white people must think that paper has some mysterious power to help them in the world. The Indian needs no writings; words that are true sink deep into his heart, where they remain. He never forgets them. On the other hand, if the white man loses his papers, he is helpless.

I heard one of their preachers say that no white man was admitted to heaven unless there were writings about him in a great book!

Four Guns - Oglala Sioux

I have attended dinners among white people. Their ways are not ours.

We eat in silence, quietly smoke a pipe, and depart. Thus is our host honored.

This is not the way of the white man. After his food has been eaten, one is expected to say foolish things. Then the host feels honored.

Four Guns - Oglala Sioux

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