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First People :: Timber Wolves and Timber Wolf Pups

Canine Behavior.

Timber Wolves and Timber Wolf Pups

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Bill Maynard of Wolves Only

Bill Maynard.

If you ever meet a guy from Northern Ontario there are four conversation starters you can't go wrong with; hunting, fishing, snowmobiling and beer. Come to think of it that applies to the women as well. The take away here is I love anything and everything outdoors. As far as bio's go I've never been one to read long drawn out accounts of a persons life so in keeping here's what you need to know about me. I love observing wildlife and for the past 10 years I've been capturing those precious moments through the lens of a camera. I am a perfectionist with an obsessive personality and I have a compulsion towards the latest and greatest gear - don't we all?

I'll stand in the snow and rain for days to get the shot and up until a few years ago I preferred to do it alone. That all changed when I met the "Wolfman" Michael Cummings and he invited me on a road trip to photograph wolves. The experience gave me a whole new appreciation for the fun and learning that can occur when you hang out with a guy who has really connected with a species and knows his way around a camera. fulfills my vision of providing visitors with an experiential view into the world of wolves through photographs and regular blogs. Enjoy!

Michael and I are hopeful that through our wolf photography at Wolves Only and Cool Wildlife we will raise awareness and rally support for the preservation of sustainable wolf populations and their habitat.

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