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Tim Denny, Photographer

Tim Denny, Photographer.

Tim was born and raised in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Tim is an enrolled member of the Oneida Tribe of Indians. The Oneida (both in New York and Wisconsin) are one of the 6 Iroquois Nations. Tim is a self taught photographer beginning at about the age of 16 taking colored slides. Tim married his wife Gen in 1964, they have four children, Scott, Jack, Melinda (Deceased), and Jacob.

Tim's photo interests are: Landscape, Wildlife, Zoos, Still photos, and Nature.

Tim's adventure into the World of Photography began with the Kodak Brownie Star Mite Camera taking family slides. As he advanced, his choice of SLR (Single Lens Reflex) was the Canon Brand / AE-1 Program and (over time) owning several film cameras.

Once entering into advanced photography Tim's main goal was to capture the beauty of God's Creation.

Several years ago Tim made the move from film into the Digital World of Photography, again (owning several models) and has never looked back. Tim's choice of cameras today remains to be the Canon brand, shooting with the Eos 7 - D.

Tim's interest, goal, and desire of capturing the beauty of God's Creation have taken me to such places as: Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, N Dakota, S Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Arizona, Utah, N Carolina, Kentucky.

Bear Photographs

Bear Photographs.

Bison Photographs

Bison Photographs.

Eagle Photographs

Eagle Photographs.

Elk Photographs

Elk Photographs.

Grand Teton National Park Photographs

Grand Teton National Park Photographs.

Wolf Photographs

Wolf Photographs.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park.

Oneida Reservation

Oneida Nation.

Contact Details

Tim can be reached at for general photography questions, or if you are interested in purchasing prints of his work, without the watermarks.

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