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Michael Cummings of Wolves Only

Michael Cummings.

I was born and grew up in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I have been working in the broadcast industry for the last 16 years and have recently branched out into nature and wildlife photography. With the advent of digital cameras this opened a whole new world of Photography. I first started shooting flowers and insects but quickly moved on to more the challenging subjects of birds and animals. After trying out a few DSLR models I settled on the Nikon D-300 and mainly use their 200-400mm F4 professional lens.

I am self taught in both videography and now photography and I remember growing up watching just about every nature documentary on television. Being out in nature to me is one of the best things any person can do. The chance to see and capture photographs of nature has been a highlight in my life. The world is a grand stage with wildlife at the center of it. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to get out and capture images of the various forms of life that surrounds us. I hope to be able to continue taking photographs and sharing them with people for many years to come.

Bill and I are hopeful that through our wolf photography at Wolves Only and blog we will raise awareness and rally support for the preservation of sustainable wolf populations and their habitat.

Michael Cummings
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