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Clipart Usage
IMPORTANT : Please Read Carefully and in full

What is free ?

  • Free does not mean "Royality Free"
  • Free does not mean you can sell them on, alter them, or make money from them.
  • Free does not mean you can upload them to file sharing sites.

If in doubt, email us.

When we say "Free", we mean that you are free to use them - as intended (eg. A background to be used as a background) - and to enhance your website or school project, as long as you agree to the following conditions.


  1. You save them to YOUR* server and not try to hotlink to our images. We have hotlink protection in place.
  2. Not to be uploaded to ANY file sharing sites. For example : Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, Imageshack, Photonet, Photobucket, Picturesdepot, Shareapic etc.
  3. This includes any site that offers layouts for Facebook, Myspace etc.
  4. Not to be sold on in any format whatsoever. We retain the rights to the clipart.
  5. Not to be offered in collections for download or redistributed in any way.
  6. Correct linking details are in place. See Below.

*YOUR server means the server YOU have control over. [Flickr for example, is NOT your server].

We would prefer it if forums linked to the page the clipart is on, and not the .gif/.jpg image itself. Clue : the pages on this site end in .html

If in doubt, please contact us.

Linking Details for Clipart

If for example, you are using a background "site wide", then following code needs only to be placed on your homepage.

Otherwise, add the code provided below on the page[s] that the image[s] appear on. If in doubt, please email me.

The code - just copy and paste.

<p> <a href="" target="_blank">Native American Clipart</a> supplied by First People - A large site about <a href="" target="_blank">Native Americans</a> and members of the First Nations.</p>

If you have done it correctly, it will look something like this...

Native American Clipart supplied by First People - A large site about Native Americans and members of the First Nations.

Please email if you need to contact us.

We are sorry that we are having to do this, but there are too many people who are taking these clipart images (as well as other material from this site), and we are spending more time getting them removed, than we are developing the site.

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