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First People :: Linking Criteria

Certain Standards When Linking To You

Must Be:

  • Your Site must be related to the Native People of the America's.
  • Or...
  • A site that is made for the Native American / Canadian People [Commercial or Non Commercial]
  • Your site must be in good standing with search engines and at least a year old.

Your site must not have:

  • Adult images and/or text, warez, gambling, Anti-Native American / Canadian material, Spyware, unwanted pop-ups. ActiveX commands that can ruin someone's browser or PC.

We do not link to...

  • New, unestablished sites.
  • Frame based sites.
  • Blogs.
  • Social Media sites.
  • Wordpress built sites.
  • Sites hosted on free servers.*
  • Sites with too many broken links.*
  • MFA [Made for adsense] sites.
  • FFA [Free for all] sites.
  • Casino's [even if you are Native American owned.]
  • Personal sites.
  • Non related sites.
  • Black-hat written sites.
  • Three way links.
  • Deep linked pages.

* This is mainly because they give small bandwith allowances and become offline for periods of time. Also, many of these type of sites do not last long and becomes a pain for us to keep checking them to see if they still exist.

Please email if you need to contact us.

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