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Native American Legends

The story of the quarrel of the Sun and Moon

A Sioux Legend

In the days of the first Grandfather, the Moon and Sun lived upon the Earth. Then they quarreled.

Said the Moon: "I am out of patience with you. I gather the people, but you scatter them. You cause them to be lost."

Said the Sun: "I wish for many people to grow, so I scatter them. You put them in darkness; thus you kill many with hunger." The Sun called to the people. "Ho! Ye who are people. Many of you shall grow strong. I will look down on you from above. I will rule all your work.

Said Moon, "And I, too, will dwell above you. I will gather you when it is dark. Assembling in full numbers, you shall sleep. I myself will rule all your work. We will walk in the trail, one after the other, I will walk behind you."

Native American Legends
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