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The story of Mink

In the early times warriors often played flutes and played music from their heart and spirit when a warrior saw a woman he was interested in he would try to make a song to win the woman's interest if the woman liked his song.

She might talk to him to see if she liked him as well and if the song and the magic were strong enough, they would marry and the song would become a lullaby they would sing to their children.

In those days, Mink was a very handsome warrior with a beautiful pelt who was very sure of himself. He had a cedar flute that he had made from the heart of an old storm struck tree. It had great power.

He had been alone for many years and decided he wanted a wife so he looked at the women around him. His eyes fell on Woodpecker and she was beautiful. Her bright red head. She was an excellent carver. She made her homes by carving out trees.

So Mink took his flute and devised a song to win her heart. When he played the song where Woodpecker could hear, her heart was captured and she asked herself "who is playing such a beautiful song?"

Then she saw Mink and his flute She flew to him. She told him "Your song is lovely, if you promise to play it only for me, I will make you happy and build us a home and Mink agreed.

Woodpecker made them a beautiful home in a large oak tree and they were happy for many years.

One day, Mink had started to become tired of Woodpecker. He loved her, but her constant pecking and constant flying from tree to tree was becoming tiresome so he took his flute and played a song which broke Woodpeckers heart and he left her crying.

Mink looked around for another woman to woo and his eyes settled on Raccoon. Oh, she was Beautiful she had a banded tail and a mask.

So Mink played a song to win her heart. When Raccoon heard the song, it caught her heart and she asked herself "Who can be playing such a beautiful song?"

And when she looked around, and saw it was Mink, she went to him "what a beautiful song, Mink" "If you promise to play it only for me, I will be your wife and make you happy."

Mink agreed, and lived with Raccoon for 4 years.

Then Mink tired of Raccoon. Raccoon had endless energy and always wanted to play. She would toss him out of bed when he wanted to sleep, so Mink played a song on his flute to break her heart and left Raccoon crying.

Mink decided to find another wife so he looked around and saw Bear.

Oh, She was so big. She was beautiful. Her sleek black fur, the 'V' on her chest.

Raccoon knew she was the woman for him so he took his flute and made a song to capture her heart and played where Bear would hear him.

When Bear heard the song her heart was caught.

When she saw it was Mink playing she went to him and told him "If you promise to play that song only for me, I will make you happy and be your wife" and Mink agreed and they lived in her den.

After two years Mink grew tired of Bear and decided to leave, he would play a song to break her heart too. But Bear saw when Mink reached for the flute and she grabbed it in her paw, before he could reach it, and threw it to the ground, and stepped on it with her paw, breaking it.

She grabbed Mink and picked him up in her two massive paws and squeezed him."Oh, Mink, what have you done? I promised to love you and now you would break my heart."

Bear Squeezed Mink, and he became a little smaller."What you have done is not nice" and she squeezed again, and Mink became smaller still.

"You have hurt me." and she squeezed "you have hurt Woodpecker" and she squeezed "and you have hurt Raccoon" and she squeezed, and Mink was even smaller. And Bear gave a final great squeeze and released Mink. And he was very small. And ran from Bear. For he was no longer Mink, he had become the first Weasel!

And even to this day weasels are still running from bears. And the story is told to each generation: "Young men do not think to trifle with the affections of women, or you shall be made smaller than you are."

Aho. It is so.

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