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Native American Legends

The creation of Man-Kind

A Hopi Legend

Spider Woman (Kótyangwúti) next gathered four colors of earth: white, black, yellow, and red, and, mixing them with tüchvala molded them, then covered them with the white-substance cape that was creative wisdom itself. As before, she sang over them the Creation Song, and when she uncovered them these forms were human beings in the image of Sótuknang.

Then, in the same manner, she created four other beings after her own form. These were the wúti, the female partners of the first four male beings.

When Spider Woman uncovered them the forms came to life. This was at the time of the dark purple light, Qoyangnuptu, the first phase of the dawn of Creation, which first reveals the mystery of man's creation.

They soon awakened and began to move, but there was still a dampness on their foreheads and a soft spot on their heads. This was at the time of the yellow light, Síkangnuqua, the second phase of the dawn of Creation, when the breath of life entered man.

In a short time, the sun appeared above the horizon, drying the dampness on their foreheads and hardening the soft spot on their heads. This was the time of the red light, Tálawva, the third phase of the dawn of Creation, when man, fully formed and firmed, proudly faced his Creator.

"That is the sun," said Spider Woman. "You are meeting your Father the Creator for the first time. You must always remember and observe these three phases of your Creation. The time of the three lights: the dark purple, the yellow, and the red reveal in turn the mystery, the breath of life, and the warmth of love. These comprise the Creator's plan of life for you as sung over you in the Song of Creation."

Native American Legends
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