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The beginning of Time

A Cherokee Legend

The Great Spirit became lonely and took a seed from his pocket and held it between his hands and blew his warm breath on it and our world began to form. As it grew he added a pinch of sage to his hands and it became the land. While sitting there all alone he cried a tear and it became the waters. As he looked at his creation he knew it would need a caretaker, so he tossed it into the air and blew the winds across it to hold it in place. He took a pinch of cedar and tossed it on to this new world and it became the animals.

Seeing all this was good he reached into his pocket and withdrew the blue- corn meal and tossed it onto the world and it became the grasses and plants.

The next day he entered this new world and named all the animals The Four- legs, The Wing Ones and those that swam in the waters. Looking around he came to understand there were no two legged one so he reached down and took a hand full of earth and blew on it and it was the first human being.

This is how my grandmother told me about the coming of our world.

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