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The Wolf and the Crane

A Tachi Yokut Legend

The wolf constantly hunted, but never gave his wife and two boys any meat. Once in the morning He went hunting. Then his wife, the crane, ran off. He returned and found her gone. He followed her. He was angry and wanted to kill her. He saw her and tried to shoot her, but she was high up in the air. Slowly she settled and at last lit far off. Then he shot and hit her. He went to her.

With her bill she tried to stab him. He used an arrow to ward off her blows, and tried to stab her. Then she pierced his breast and knocked him down. She stabbed him again and again, until she killed him.

Then she went off with her boys. They turned into stars in the sky. She is in advance; her two boys are following her. They are called yibish, the three stars of Orion.

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