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Princess Raven

An Aleut Legend

Princess Raven The Chief did not like Raven because he could transform himself into various things. He thought about turning himself into a human, but Raven wanted the Chief to be able to notice his presence when he saw the princess.

"I will fly into the air above the river and turn myself into a hemlock needle. When it floats down to you. pick it up and swallow it." Princess nodded and wondered what was going to happen as Raven flew into the air.

In an instant he was gone. A small hemlock needle slowly fell towards the water. When it floated down to her, princess picked it up and swallowed it. She waited, but nothing happened. Then she felt a jerk in her back. The princess reached back to see what the pain was and to her surprise, she felt feathers, a wing grew out of her back and wrapped around her. It was so warm. The princess felt a love like never before.

Raven and the princess felt a Love like never before. Raven and the princess were joined together throughout all time. All creatures that saw them could feel the love drifting from the face of the princess and the wing of Raven.

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