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Native American Legends

Mouse Road the Great Warrior

A Cheyenne Legend

When the battle was finally almost over, All of the Mouse Roads Cheyenne brothers lay dead. But Mouse Road has fought with such skill and courage the his Crow enemies sent a word bringer to his to his rifle pit.

"We will not kill you," they said, "for you are a brave and honorable man, a worthy enemy. In you we see the same traits we admire in our men. We will draw off now while you ride away in peace. Go, brave one."

"I will not thank you for you praise" Mouse Road replied, "for your words are only truth and I have earned them. I also trust your words. But, there around me lie my comrades, dead as stones. I trained for war with them, learned the secrets of the hunt with them and bounced their children on my knee. How will I return to my village without them?"

"Why would I want to? Come and finish this sport. I am for you."

And three more mouse enemies were sent under that day before the last Cheyenne brave was slain.

Native American Legends
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