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Míkmaq legend of the Wild Goose

A Micmac Legend

When birds migrated to the south in the long, long ago, they came and left by themselves. Many of the little ones were killed by storms. This caused great sorrow to Kluskap, the great God of the Míkmaq. He asked the Wild Goose the largest bird and the last one to leave the north each fall, to care for all of the smaller ones. The Wild Goose called all the little birds together and told them of Kluskap's wonderful plan.

They agreed that the Wild Goose would lead them in their long flight to the south, shelter them in their far away homes, be with them during their journey back and protect them while they were in the North during the summer season.

Ever since the time of Kluskap the Wild Goose has been the guide and protector of all the small birds that come to our country each year.

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