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Mikmaq Legend Of The Shooting Star

A Micmac Legend

In the land of Kluskap many years ago there lived two sisters who loved to watch the stars. One day when they were walking in the forest they became lost and in the evening they watched the stars as always. In two bright stars, one sister saw an Eagle and the other sister saw a hawk. These birds carried them up into heaven.

They were very lonesome, for they were away from their own people and they prayed to Kluskap to have them returned to their homes. He said, "If I do this, you must not look back once we start on our journey". But the younger sister could not resist looking back to see if her older sister were following. As she did, she was immediately turned to flame. You can see her today. Look for a shooting star, it is the younger sister still trying to come back to her people in the old land of Kluskap.

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