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First People :: American Indian Legends : P-S

Native American Legends (P - S)

Paiute Pampa Papago Passamaquoddy
Patwin Pawnee Pen D'Oreille Penobscot
Pequot Pima Quinault Salish
Salteaux Sanpoils Seminole Seneca
Shasta Shoshone Sia Sioux
Snohomish Snoqualmie Squamish  

Paiute Legends

Pampa Legends

Papago (Tohono O'odham) Legends

Passamaquoddy Legends

Patwin Legends

Pawnee Legends

Pen D'Oreille Legends

Penobscot Legends

Pequot Legends

Pima Legends

Quinault Legends

Salish Legends

Salteaux Legends

Sanpoils Legends

Seminole Legends

Seneca Legends

Shasta (Shastika) Legends

Shoshone Legends

Sia Legends

Sioux Legends

Snohomish (Sdoh-doh-hohbsh) Legends

Snoqualmie Legends

Squamish Legends

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Other Native American Legends

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