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First People :: American Indian Legends : A-B

Native American Legends (A - B)

Many a legend has been written by the Elders. Here are over 1400 of their stories and teachings, split over eight pages. I have 100's more Native American Legends to add, so please come back and revisit. Thank you and enjoy reading.

Abenaki Achomawi Acoma Aleuts
Algonquin Alsea Anishnabe Apache
Arapaho Arikara Assiniboin Aztec
Bella Coola Blackfoot    

Abenaki Legends

Achomawi Legends

Acoma Legends

Aleuts Legends

Algonquin Legends

Note: There are a number of spellings of Glooscap

Alsea Legends

Note: Along with the Siletz and the Siuslaw Indians, they now are part of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians in Oregon

Anishnabe (Anishinabe) Legends

Apache Legends

Arapaho Legends

Arikara Legends

Assiniboin Legends

Aztec Legends

Bella Coola Legends

Blackfoot Legends

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Other Native American Legends

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