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How Rabbit Got His Long Ears

A Micmac Legend

A long time ago when Rabbit was first on this earth he had very short ears. One day he had nothing to do. He was very bored so he decided to play a trick on all the other animal's.

He told Beaver, "Did you know that the sun was not going to rise again?"

Of course Beaver told Squirrel and Squirrel told Chipmunk and Chipmunk told Skunk and so on. The story soon got around and all the animals were worried.

The animals were all upset. They said, "If the sun is not going to shine anymore it will be dark and cold like winter. We will have to gather our food and get ready right now."

Even Bear was worried. He began to eat and eat the blueberries around him so he could grow fat and store his food. Squirrel was busy gathering all the nuts he could find. Everyone was busy getting ready for the sun not to shine again. They had no time to play even though it was a nice summer day.

Now Rabbit really thought this was funny. He hide in the bushes. He was laughing and laughing as he watched the other animals all running around trying to get ready for the sun not to shine anymore.

Along came Kluskap. Normally the animals were all very glad to see Kluskap. They usually gathered around to talk to him. But this day no one run up to greet him. Kluskap asked Bear, "How are you? How is everything going?"

Bear said, "I don't have time to talk to you."

Kluskap just kept walking. No one paid any attention to him.

Kluskap went back to Bear.

"What's wrong with you? You're not talking to me. What is going on? Talk to me. Something is wrong!" Kluskap said.

"Well, don't you know?" Bear said. "The sun is not going to shine anymore and we have to hurry up. I have to get ready for winter now. That is what everyone is doing."

Kluskap told bear, "Whoever told you that story is lying. It's not true."

So Kluskap called a meeting with all the animals and they all gathered around him in a circle.

He got to the bottom of it.

He said, "Who told you Bear?"

Bear said, "Raccoon told me."

And Raccoon said, "Well, Chipmunk told me."

Everyone said who they heard the story from, all the way down to Beaver.

Beaver said, "It was Rabbit that told me."

Kluskap said, "Well, where is Rabbit?" Rabbit was really scared so he hid in the bushes. Kluskap knew for sure then that Rabbit had started the story.

"Where is Rabbit?" he asked again.

"Not here. He is gone. He must be hiding," Beaver said.

Kluskap went and looked in the bushes. He found Rabbit and when he did he grabbed him by his ears and lifted him up.

That is how Rabbit got his long ears.

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