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Antelope Hunting

A Cochiti Legend

A Cochiti man went antelope hunting on the antelope plains. He took an antelope skin that almost covered him. When he came to the plains he put it on so that he looked just like an antelope. He saw them in a high place. He took a different direction and hid to see what direction they would take. When he saw that they were moving away he went closer. He stalked them. He kept his bow and arrow hidden under his antelope suit. They thought he was an antelope. When he got to the center of the herd he hurled his spear and the animal that was wounded ran off. He followed till the antelope fell exhausted. When he had plenty he went back to the spot where he had put on his suit and began to skin the antelopes. He killed all those that were not yet dead.

He stayed three days and took much game. He killed more than all the rest of the party. (The rest did not wear antelope disguise.) In this way he became a great antelope hunter. At last he went on a hunt. He had sighted antelopes on the plains and put on the antelope skin. He went to windward and came to a high place. While he stood waiting the eagle came flapping his wings. With his claws the eagle took the boy by his neck. His companions were watching. They went to help. When they got there, Eagle had the boy by the neck and his wings over the body. This was the end of the great antelope hunter.

This is a true story.

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