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An Ojibwa Legend

This story is about the Crow.

Andek when the great spirit was creating the flyers of creation. All the flyers had great purpose. The Eagle was to be the peoples messenger of prayers and thanks The Hawk too was a messenger of the peoples needs and good medicine. The Loon was the teacher of love and relationships. Andek (the crow) however was without purpose.

He had no special color, nor had he the powerful wings of the Eagle, So he flew around looking for purpose, like many people today are doing. So Andek Visited Mkwa (the Bear) and requested the bear to teach him of his ways Mkwa did and Eventually Andek got bored and unsatisfied with Mkwa, For some reason the ways of the bear didn't fit with him So Andek went off and sought a new way and hopefully would find purpose. The beaver, the loon, the wolf, the coyote, the fish, all of creation he learned from. And still no purpose nor satisfaction with life.

Then came the day where Andek heard Idiom (squirrel) crying in a hole of the oak. So he flew to Idiom and asked 'Hi Idiom, what troubles your heart today?" Idiom says to Andek, "I am sad and feeling drained about my life" so Andek advised Jitimo to visit Mkwa for some medicine for his health, and then they went to visit turtle here turtle was a great helper in finding ones heart of the problem. Turtle travels slow and is paced in all matters never missing a thing. And sure enough Jitimo felt balanced and returned to its purpose with vigor and refreshed spirit.

Andek flew around the bush feeling great about what had happened. Then there was another cry in the woods...sure enough Andek went to investigate Rabbit was crying in its hole.

Andek asked it. Waboose what troubles you today? I wanna die Andek (sob sob) What is it that has brought you to such ends? Waboose was crying about Wagoosh (fox) and how there is no peace with wagosh around. So Andek listened like he learned from turtle and then told Waboose its purpose for its legs and long ears...Why a permanent solution for a temporary problem. Waboose surely you can out run Wagoosh. Yes Waboose thought to it self...I can and I will feel good about it too...Thank you Andek.

As time went on as it does...The word traveled all across the lands...about this Flyer whom was born without purpose, so it thought.....however the purpose was found when Andek traveled and made friends with all of creation.

Andek to many of us is our traveling companion... always reminding us that with work and dedication the purpose you look for is always ahead of you. You will not find your purpose if you sit on your path, however it will meet you ahead, in the meantime create good connections and work with spirit of friendship and before you know it.

You become your purpose as did Andek. Walk your path and I guarantee you that You will meet that purpose. You can walk up, down, left, right, it makes no difference as long as you walk forward always forward.

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