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A Wintu Legend

Long ago, among the real Indians, there was some kind of being nobody knew what it was. They called it Anamet. It came from the mountains and made believe that it was a person. It carried women away on its back. It also took children who were playing outside and carried them away. Anamet would say "K-ete p'iw!" [one jump] as it jumped away with them.

What could it have been? The Indians called it Anamet. It stole children and they would say, "Don't let children play late in the evening." They brought all the children inside at dusk.

They also took their children along wherever they went, saying "Don't leave them home along," for fear of Anamet.

Once some people left home for only a short time and whey they returned their children were gone. Anamet had already taken them.

They did not know what it was. It was a terrible thing; not a person.

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