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New Age Frauds and Plastic Shamans

Native American Legends - Full Index

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Abenaki Legends

Achomawi Legends

Acoma Legends

Aleuts Legends

Algonquin Legends

Note: There are a number of spellings of Glooscap

Alsea Legends

Note: Along with the Siletz and the Siuslaw Indians, they now are part of the Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians in Oregon

Anishnabe (Anishinabe) Legends

Apache Legends

Arapaho Legends

Arikara Legends

Assiniboin Legends

Aztec Legends

Bella Coola Legends

Blackfoot Legends

Caddo Legends

Cahuilla Legends

Caraja Legends

Chelan Legends

Cherokee Legends

Cheyenne Legends

Chickasaw Legends

Chilcotin Legends

Chinook Legends

Chippewa Legends

Choctaw Legends

Chumash Legends

Cochiti Legends

Coeur d'Alene Legends

Comanche Legends

Costanoan (Ohlone) Legends

Cowichan Legends

Cowlitz Legends

Cree Legends

Creek Legends

Crow Legends

Eskimo (Inuit) Legends

Flathead Legends

Gallinomero Legends

Gros Ventre (Hidatsa) Legends

Haida Legends

Hopi Legends

Hupa Legends

Inca Legends

Iroquois (Haudenosaunee) Legends

Kanglanek Legends

Karok (Karuk) Legends

Kato Legends

Kiowa Legends

Kodiak Legends

Kwakiutl Legends

Lakota Sioux Legends

Lassik Legends

Lillooet Legends

Luiseño Legends

Lumbee Legends

Maidu Legends

Makah Legends

Malecite Legends

Mandan Legends

Mashkussuts Legends

Mayan Legends

Menomini Legends

Micmac (Míkmaq, Mikmak, Mi'gmak, Mikmaq) Legends

Miwok Legends

Mohawk (Kanien'kehake) Legends

Nahua Legends

Navajo Legends

Nez Perce (Nee-Me-Poo) Legends

Nishinam Legends

Ojibwa Legends

Okanagon Legends

Omaha Legends

Onondaga Legends

Osage Legends

Ottawa Legends

Paiute Legends

Pampa Legends

Papago (Tohono O'odham) Legends

Passamaquoddy Legends

Patwin Legends

Pawnee Legends

Pen D'Oreille Legends

Penobscot Legends

Pequot Legends

Pima Legends

Quinault Legends

Salish Legends

Salteaux Legends

Sanpoils Legends

Seminole Legends

Seneca Legends

Shasta (Shastika) Legends

Shoshone Legends

Sia Legends

Sioux Legends

Snohomish (Sdoh-doh-hohbsh) Legends

Snoqualmie Legends

Squamish Legends

Tewa Legends

Thompson Legends

Tillamook Legends

Tlingit Legends

Tohono O'odham Legends

Tolowa Legends

Tsimshian Legends

Tuscarora Legends

Tuskegee Legends

Unknown Legends

Ute Legends

Wabanaki Legends

Walpi Legends

Wampanoag Legends

Wasco Legends

Wichita Legends

Winnebago (Hotcâk) Legends

Wintu Legends

Wyandot (Huron) Legends

Yakima Legends

Yinnuwok Legends

Yokut Legends

Yuchi Legends

Yurok Legends

Zuni Legends

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