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Kachina Doll Clipart
Angwus, Bear, Chief And Lieutenant, Corn Maiden, Eagle Dancer, Mongwu, Mountain Sheep, Parrot

Here are a few Kachina doll clipart images for your web pages.

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Angwus aka Crow Man

Angwus 01 Angwus 01 Angwus 02 Angwus 02 Angwus 03 Angwus 03 Angwus 04 Angwus 04 Animated Angwus 01

The Crow or Angwus Kachina is also often referred to as Crow Man or Crow Father, although he has no direct connection with Crow Mother Kachina or Crow Bride Kachina. This kachina is one of the warriors who make war on the clowns during the Plaza Dances or who appear in the Soyohim of late spring.

"He comes to threaten the clowns for their immoderate behavior, appearing again and again until finally he and others who have the same function descend upon the clowns and thoroughly chastize them." In spite of this the Crow Kachina is considered a "bad bird."

Bear Kasina

Bear Kasina 01 Bear Kasina 02

Chief & Lieutenant Kasina

Chief & Lieutenant 01 Chief & Lieutenant 01

Corn Maiden Kasina

Corn Maiden 01 Corn Maiden 01

Eagle Dancer Kasina

Eagle Dancer 01 Eagle Dancer 01 Eagle Dancer 02 Eagle Dancer 02

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