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First People of America and Canada - Turtle Island.

Welcome to our site about the First People of North America and Canada, better known as Turtle Island. This is a child friendly, educational site about Native Americans (American Indians) and members of the First Nations.

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Native American Legends

We have nearly 1400 American Indian Legends... starting with the Abenaki, and finishing with the Zuni.

Native words of wisdom and quotes

Read the words of wisdom from such people as Geronimo of the Apache, Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce. Oglala Lakota chief Chief Luther Standing Bear. Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull and many others.

Native Poems and Prayers

So far we have over 230 Native American Poems and Prayers - over 130 of them were submitted by our readers.

All of the above are mobile friendly.

Shopping Area

We have a collection of shops on the site where you can purchase Native American Jewelry including barrettes, necklaces, bracelets and anklets, genuine bear claw Jewelry, turquoise jewelry, possible bags and the odd hairpipe choker or two.

Other shops include Painted Pony who creates Dreamcatchers, Medicine Bags, Southeastern Dolls, Home Decor, Necklace Sets and more.

There's also Yankton made Pow-wow hand drums

Treaties and Agreements

Looking for a treaty or an agreement? Well, we have over 400 so far with the Cherokee Treaty of 1868 being the most read by our visitors. We are sure you will find the one you are looking for.

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Native American Indian Clip Art

Need some graphics or clipart for your website or brochure and are fed up of seeing the same old stuff on every site? We have a growing collection of...

This section is continually expanding and we plan to add other categories as time permits.

American Indian Photographs

Currently we have over 4500 photographs of Native American Indians throughout the site. Here are some of the categories...

Animal Photographs and Paintings

All creatures are sacred to the First People. Some, like the American Eagle, Wolves, Grizzly and Brown Bear, Polar Bear, American Buffalo [Bison], appear in stories and legends. So we've included some photographs and paintings of these beautiful beings.

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