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First People

Red Path.

Red Path was originally going to be a forum for the First People site. But due to the amount of work and time managing it, it was decided to turn it into a site for people to purchase Pow wow Regalia, quality handmade crafts, jewelry and home decor - all made by Native American artists from federally recognized tribes and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Our War Bonnets [a.k.a. Indian Headdresses] are handmade from scratch using top quality, natural materials and measure about 30" across by about 34" in length and weigh approx 4 lbs. One size fits all. These are not kits. They are ready to wear.

We have a large collection of carved bone earrings which are extremely popular. These are extremely well made, colorful and a wide variety to choose from; hummingbirds, eagles, hawks, owls and parrots, to name just a few.

There's a lot of handmade crafts for sale such as, bows, ceremonial pipes, coup sticks, cradleboards, dance sticks, dance rattles, lances, medicine bags, tomahawks, war clubs, war shields and much more besides.

Visit Red Path for mens and ladies pow wow regalia including beaded belts, beaded headbands, breastplate chokers, ceremonial fans, and dance bustles to name a few.

We are also looking for craftmen and women who are enrolled members of a federally recognized tribe, or enrolled member of the First Nations to come on board to sell your crafts.

  • ceremonial pipes.
  • war bonnets (headdresses).
  • tomahawks and tomahawk pipes.
  • dance sticks.
  • cradle boards.
  • carved bone earrings.
  • medicine bags and pouches.

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