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All dreamcatchers are handmade by Painted Pony, an enrolled members of the Coharie Nation. They are kept in a smoke/tobacco free environment and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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Dream Catcher with Owl and Moon.

4 Direction Dream Catcher.

The owl perches on a cedar branch as the moon shows his face for another night. Sleep easy while this dreamcatcher catches the bad dreams and lets the good dreams slip through.

Measuring approximately 8" x 9" and made from the willow tree. If you include the feathers in the measurement it would be 9" x 15"

The owl is appliqued with over a thousand size 13 Czech cut glass seed beads. The owl is 1.25" wide x 3" high.

The 1" diameter bone moon is enclosed with more size 13 Czech cut glass seed beads. 


More dreamcatchers to come.

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