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All dreamcatchers are handmade by Painted Pony, an enrolled members of the Coharie Nation. They are kept in a smoke/tobacco free environment and come with a certificate of authenticity.

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Dream Catcher with Owl and Moon.

4 Direction Dream Catcher.

The owl perches on a cedar branch as the moon shows his face for another night. Sleep easy while this dreamcatcher catches the bad dreams and lets the good dreams slip through.

Not including the feathers, it measures approximately 11" wide x 19" high and made from the willow tree.

The owl is appliqued with over a thousand size 13 Czech cut glass seed beads. The owl is 1.25" wide x 3" high.

The bone moon is enclosed with more size 13 Czech cut glass seed beads, and measures 1 1/4" which includes the bead work.


More dreamcatchers to come.

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