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American Indians :: Time Limited Offer

Sell your Native American Artwork for Free

Genuine offer to help fellow American Indians.

We at First People are always wanting to help Native Americans and members of the First Nations. We are looking for artists wishing to sell their crafts. It doesn't matter if you have a website already. This opportunity will help you gain extra sales for you, and at no charge to yourself.


First and foremost you have to be either an enrolled member of a federally recognized Tribe/Nation or a member of a First Nation.

We are looking for - but not limited to - people who make/sell the following...

  1. Authors (Factual).
  2. Basket Makers.
  3. Beadwork.
  4. Ceremonial Herbs.
  5. Drums and other musical instruments.
  6. Flint knappers.
  7. Food / Catering.
  8. Photographers.
  9. Pipe Makers.
  10. Potters.
  11. Regalia and Clothing (including Footwear).
  12. Storytellers.
  13. Weavers.

We are not taking on any painters or non-factual authors at present.

Preference is given to people living on a Rez and family units.

We already have Barbara Shiningstar making Native American Jewelry, but will consider other jewelry artisans if they differ enough from what we have.

But I already have a web site.

That's okay. As long as you are the creator of the goods you sell on your site. At present we are not looking for traders of other people's work. It must be your own*.

*We do not mind someone being your representative, as we are aware not everyone has an internet connection and have people working on their behalf.

I'm interested, what you do need ?

As you are probably aware, selling on the internet is nothing like going to a shop and buying it. You cannot touch it or look at it closely for starters. We found it best that any images are large and of sharp quality. Small, blury images are not good for us or for the buyer.

You will need...

A Paypal account (or similar). We are acting as a portal for you to sell. People will be paying you directly - not us.

Please note, we do not need access to your account - just the code you provide us with. We have to intergrate it into the site so people can pay you.

If you do not have a website already, then this is an ideal way of making a presence on the net. No need to purchase a site, no need to learn how to make one, no long waits for visitors to arrive.

You will also need a digital camera or flatbed scanner. We need quality images to promote your work, and text detailing the item.

Still interested ?

If so, then please send some examples of your work. Jpg format photographs preferred, and send them to...

For the subject header please use : "Selling stock on your site".

Please include prices of your work, a list of what you make, and what Nation you are an enrolled member of.

Thank you.

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