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I use USPS Priority Mail for all of my shipping within the US unless otherwise indicated. Orders shipped within the US will be provided with a tracking number and are insured for their value. The cost of shipping and insurance is included in the item price.

***If you would like an item shipped outside of the US, please contact me beforehand so that I can adjust the price for international shipping before you purchase the item.

***If you would like to use a faster method of shipping, please contact me before checkout and I will provide you with an updated price.

The average shipping time for USPS Priority Mail is 2-5 days (however I cannot guarantee this).

Ready-To-Ship items will be mailed within 48 hours of payment (normally by the next business day). If an item is not ready to ship, I will let you know. If you special order an item, I will let you know how long it will take me to make.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure your address is correct upon checkout. If you would like shipment to an alternate address please send me a message.

All sales are final. Items from this shop are not returnable. However, If there has been an error with your purchase, please contact me as soon as possible so I can correct your order.

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We respect your privacy. We do not sell, rent, or loan any identifiable information regarding our customers.

Heather Jean Gordon - Bio

Heather Jean Gordon is Inupiaq and a member of the Nome Eskimo Community, a federally recognized tribe. She grew up in Homer, Alaska where her family had a reindeer ranch. Her interests in art stem from her heritage, with her Aunt Peg piquing her interest in beading.

She is a PhD student in Indigenous Studies at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks and recently finished her Master's at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Heather has travelled over much of the Arctic through work, research, and pleasure. She worked in rural Alaska during high school, traveled to Whitehorse in Canada for a snowshoe biathlon competition, and competed in snowshoeing in Greenland.

During the years she worked on her Master's she conducted research in Greenland and visited: Finland, British Columbia, Quebec, and Alaska for conferences. Her art influences come from her Inuit background, including exposure to Inuit art in Alaska and Greenland.

Heather adores working with sustainably harvested sealskin, beading, and doing any art projects she can come up with. She makes seal skin mittens and slippers. She makes Eskimo yo-yo's, earrings, barrettes, pins, and bracelets too!

Thank you for perusing her shop.

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